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Drive @ Rs. 2 per kilometer.
We Make Your Lovely Vehicle
An   [ Eco-Friendly ]   Machine.
Vehicle Big or Small
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We Use Best Equipments
    We have care for your family
Eco Friendly CNG
[ Save Fuel ]    [ Save Your Children ]   [ Save Your Expenses ]   [ Save Earth ]   [ Save Future ] 'Rahil Karim'
CNG - "The Fuel of 21st Century". We are offering Rs. 500 discount to our customers who visited our website, so if you are a website visitor, please remember code 4466 to avail the discount.
   Welcome To Natural CNG Fitment Center

We are Government authorized CNG Workshop in New Delhi. We at Natural CNG Fitment Center provide excellent fittings to your lovely cars. We
perform 15 leakage checks into your vehicle as per guidelines of R.T.O. These leakages check of CNG fittings are compulsory in order to ensure the
safety of your vehicle. The quality we provide in service of your car and while working at our techincal workshop is best.
Natural CNG Fitment Center is among the first CNG Centers in New Delhi from the time CNG was introduced in Delhi.

Few Reasons for you to give us a chance to serve you.

  • We are Govt. approved CNG fitment Center in New Delhi
  • We are the best CNG fitment Center.
  • We are good in work, with excellent service quality.
  • We care for your car.
  • We work in a clean environment.
  • We provide genuine kits.
  • We can bring your car for fitment and can deliver it for free.
  • We convert your car into CNG based Eco-friendly machine in 3 hours.
  • We use fittings which are excellent in quality.
  • We are Govt. Approved Center of CNG Fittings.
  • We work on approximately every brand and every model of cars.
  • We do what we say.

  • CNG powered vehicles have lower maintenance costs
  • CNG fuel systems are sealed
  • Increased life of lubricating oils
  • CNG mixes easily and evenly in air being a gaseous fuel
  • CNG is less likely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces
  • CNG emits significantly less pollutants
  • CNG releases over 1.6 times as much energy as that released from petrol
  • LNG is converted into CNG before distribution
  • CNG approved by Delhi Government
  • Save upto 70 % on your fuel Costs
  • Europe is using CNG Kits From 1930
  • Insurance companies are planning to raise Insurance premium on diesel vehicles by 30%
  • Twin eu system for enhanced performance
  • Peace of Mind
  • Good To Environment
  • CNG Is Safe
  • CNG Increases Engine Life
Natural CNG fitment Center,
S-10, Pul Pehlad Pur,
New Delhi 110044
Phone No: +91 9069114129
Email: info@naturalcng.in
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