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cng kit safety
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CNG kit safety

CNG are modern safe form of energy now a days, widely used all around the world. CNG (Compressed natural gas) CNG is Fuel made from combination of gases methane and ethane stored at high pressure can be used in place of gasoline like other fuel resource petrol, Diesel fuel & bio fuel.  If we talk about Gasoline is a potentially dangerous fuel, The same is true of natural gas also. 

In fact, natural gas itself has safety advantages compared to gasoline and diesel taking such point that Natural gas is less combustible than most other fuels, and has few associated health risks. If we compare gasoline with CNG, cng is stored under high pressure; however, the range of flammability and combustion is much more narrow with CNG, making it safer than gasoline also CNG is Cheaper than Petrol and Saves 72% of fuel Cost. 

More impotent point is that CNG combustion produces fewer undesirable gases than the fuels mentioned above. It is safer than other fuels in the event of a spill, because natural gas is lighter than air and disperses quickly when released.

Now a days very advance CNG Kits are available with having feature of great Mileage. we are government approved fitment center can install Indian as well as imported brand CNG kit for your vehicle.

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