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Soni's Friend also cleared two myths about CNG

  • CNG is safe or not? I have read this question several times on the Internet. He said that this is true if you are installing Chinese local kits from a third class CNG fitting shop. Even petrol is highly inflammable. Get your CNG kit installed from a government approved CNG center and forget about safety problems.

  • CNG decreases engine life or not? CNGs burning characteristics are same as the petrol and in fact its octane number is higher around 100, but its ignition temperature is higher than petrol so you might face starting troubles in winters, so always start your car on petrol in winters and then switch to CNG. Also nowadays, a CNG kit comes with an automatic switch, which starts automatically on petrol and then switches to CNG and this problem has also solved. Every new thing has some problem in the beginning.
By Soni. New Delhi

I have not installed CNG in my car up until now due to my office being very near to my house but then also when I go for outings on weekends, I have to spend more money on petrol. I agree that sometimes it hurts my pocket. Since CNG launched as an alternate fuel in India, it has been always in my mind that it is good for long distance drivers and not for short distance travelers like me, but keeping in mind the rising petrol prices in India, it is important to think over fuel efficiency and I think I need to install a CNG kit in my car. For this I asked one my close friend, Amit, who installed CNG kit at 50,000 kilometers in his Santro Xing XS 2004.

He said that now his car has completed 64,000 kms. The engine is as good as new according to what he says. His car gives 14 kmpl on petrol and 20km/kg on CNG both with AC and without AC in mix conditions, which makes running cost phenomenally low than petrol. He has faced no problems till now. He says that his car runs butter smooth on petrol and CNG both. Maintenance has slightly reduced, as engine oil does not get contaminated when using CNG. He frankly says that though the car is a bit sluggish when in traffic with AC but he can live with it. He is very happy with CNG because now he does not have to pay 1000 rupees every time on petrol pumps, just 200 bucks and he is ready for 160 to 165 kms on AC. CNG is cheap fuel alternative to petrol and diesel for cars.

He suggested two things to me for improving pickup and performance of car on CNG.

Timing Advancer with CNG : He says a timing advancer enhances the pickup of car on CNG. Get it installed in your CNG car and you will notice a very little bit of difference in pickup, especially with AC. A logical reason is that there is 100 kg CNG cylinder in your car 24X7 and it increases the weight. Another reason is that Hyundai Santro gets inclined toward the rear side with CNG cylinder and this reduces the pickup and mileage because the engine has to do more work to get the car moving. The latter problem can be overcome with something called Gutkha (in Hindi) put in the rear suspension and it is reasonable and good.

Lambda Control System for CNG : It regulates the air to fuel ratio and is beneficial for all cars going for a CNG conversion, but he says that Santro eRLX has a company fitted oxygen sensor, which does the job of Lambda, so there is no need of installing Lambda in Santro.

Pickup on CNG : Pick up on CNG without AC is equal to pick up on petrol with AC.

Mileage on CNG : A very important aspect. This is most important reason why people are switching to CNG. In Delhi, CNG cost is 21/kg and cars totally driven on AC give around 1.30/km (around 4/km on petrol).

So after reading his review on CNG, I am ready to install a government approved CNG kit in my car. Now, I will have more savings on fuel plus control emissions from my car as I have found the best alternative fuel for my car. Now it�s time to go and get it installed.

Source: http://soni2006.hubpages.com/hub/cng-as-the-best-alternate-fuel-for-cars-in-india


LOVATO Cng kit on wagon R

Hello friends,

I have wagon R 2009 Vxi model. After continues hikes in petrol decided to go for CNG, after lots of googleing finallly I have decided to go for lovato CNG kit.since it's widely available in market.For spare parts in may not need search from shop to shop. Choose to go in dealer in thane Eco fuel centre. Since I found he was cheaper one as compare to others I am staying in thane so if any problem comes in can find him nearby. Got CNG installation done for Rs.31000 including RTO.retrofitter was suggesting me to go for open loop but I strongly forced him to go for closed loop.(No question for sequential since I don't want more moderation in vehicle.)

After installation done filled cng first time, he did some adjustments in kit, and then I am prepared to go for changes. He kept switch over on 3 rpm which I changed later to 2 rpm.for first time in 9 kg my initial average was 19 kmpl in city with full AC.but vehicle was going off if I convert to cng for short run. 2nd time I filled cng from chembur tank full, went to Pune did 165 kms in just 8 kg,I was surprised with average it gave around 29 kmpl, with max speed 110kmph(Normally on petrol my baby touches 140kmph),so happy saved money more than half price as compare to petrol. Some precautions you have to take for CNG vehicles

1. Start vehicle for petrol on cold start and run around 1-2 kms.
2. While switching over do not stop vehicles, do it in running vehicle.
3. Fill CNG in morning time.
4. There is little change in pick up but you can manage it if you compare cost encored in petrol vehicle.
5. Your boot space gone need to do some changes to put speakers.


CNG Kit for Maruti SX4!

Hello friends,

After going thru several write up�s in "Mouth Shut" I have finally installed CNG kit in my SX4 model 2007 considering the regular price hike of petrol. The kit is Landi Renzo with advancer and Lambda with a 14 KG cylinder. Cost is around 25K with RC registration in Gurgaon.

I am writing this after driving almost 500 Km in CNG. The average was around 10Km/Lt (around Rs 65) now it is 15 Km/Kg (Rs 30/Kg) The pickup is not that bad atleast I can compromise when it comes to savings, driving in too congested area can become irritating as RPM suddenly falls when the engine is idle. (Less then 500 RMP) I don�t have any idea why so. You will also feel heavy while driving.

Engine performs good without AC. If the RPM is falling then switch off the AC and when its stable again switch it on, that�s what I do and it really works. Earlier my weekend consumption was around Rs 500 not it�s less then Rs 150. Only thing where I need to compromise is in power.

Considering traffic in Delhi we hardly get chance to drive more then 60/70 Km/hour so that does not impacts daily office commuting until and unless you are in Chandigarh or Jaipur highway. Then we always have the option in driving in Petrol.

Only the limitation is tank capacity, I can fill about 10Kg if the pressure is too good so I need to refuel it again after around 150 Km�s. You just need to make sure that your air filter is not chocked other wise you will have starting problems as well as pls try to drive atleast 2-3 Km�s in Petrol daily which will keep all sensors/nozzels clean and working.

Happy and safe driving!!

Would like to add on one more thing that if you see that your RPM is falling which is a very common problem with SX4 as it has electronic throttle body then don�t panic just adjust the RPM knob on your CNG kit "clockwise" very slowly you will see that RPM is increasing. This is a weekly excercise which I did and my car is giving excellent performance. Now I am really happy!

I took my car for routine service to Pasco motors last week and got the throttle body cleaned, they charged me Rs 800 extra and now the RPM is totally stable and no more stalling issue. I cant even find any difference between petrol and CNG.

So what I have learnt is that whenever you install CNG pls change your air filter as well as get your throttle body cleaned if it is electronic to get proper performance.


CNG Kit for Maruti Esteem VXI

This is my first review on Mouthshut

After reading all reviews on CNG for last 1 month , I decided to go for CNG for my Maruti Esteem Vxi. I bought my esteem 3 months back for Rs. 1.85 L with already LPG fitted.

I was getting average of 13kmpl in petrol and 9.5 in LPG in City condition with 100% AC on Per KM it is giving me Rs. 4 with GAS and above Rs. 5 with petrol.

After conversion of CNG(2 weeks back), I am getting 20kmpl in city and 27 on Highway per KG i.e. Rs. 1.60 in city and Rs. 1.15 on highway with 100% AC on. I drove 70-80% in Navi Mumbai. About CNG Kit is Tomasetto Achille , Italy (with Advancer and timer setting / no computerised setting ) Cost around 35000/- after discount I got it at 33000/- and I got full imported kit nothing is Indian except Tank.

As I am doing field work and my daily running average is 80-100 kms
So I am happy with overall performance of my Car.

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